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21 Rooms

There’s a new escape room business that’s opened up just outside the city in the suburbs. It’s called Secret Escape and it’s filled with challenging puzzles, riddles and hidden clues. As part of your job as the manager, you’re in charge of bringing this new business up and running. You’ve been given a set of keys and are free to choose any room you wish to open. There’s just one catch - you only have 90 minutes to accomplish your goal. Great pressures, right? You need to get the staff and customers ready for opening, but what exactly should you prioritize? Make sure the place looks excellent, or go with the more popular rooms that will bring in the most customers? You’ll need to make tough choices and quickly if you have any hope of

In the game you’re trapped in a creepy old house with some friends. You don’t know why you’re there or what happened to you… All you know is that there are doors leading out of the house, and you need to find them. But you’re not the only one looking for a way out… The house is crawling with people who are also trapped. You’ll have to team up with your friends if you want to survive. Are you ready? You’d better be. Because the house is getting weirder and weirder by the minute, and someone’s coming to check the

The zombie apocalypse is here. The world has ended and turned into a zombie wasteland. You are one of the survivors who managed to get out from this city. You must find somewhere to settle and lock the gates. But how? You must find out by exploring the city and finding clues about where to go and what to do. Fortunately, you have your trusty dog with you. He will be your guide to exploring the city and finding clues. Keep exploring and you might just find a way out of this city. This is a point and click adventure game in which you must explore the city and find the necessary items and clues to solve puzzles. Keep exploring and you just might find a way out of this

Welcome to The Secret Room, a game where you explore a house and solve puzzles to escape. You'll need to find useful items, combine them to solve puzzles and finally figure out how to escape the house. There are a total of 29 rooms to explore. Each room has a number of puzzles for you to solve to get out. Good

Your adventure begins here. You wake up, in a mysterious place, with no recollection of how you got there. Explore every corner, solve puzzles and riddles, find clues, and make friends to get out of this place. Will you find a way out? Will you escape the mysterious place? This game is not just about solving puzzles and escaping. It’s about exploring, discovering, and gaining knowledge. Make your way out of this place, and learn everything you can along the way. Will you be able to discover the

How to play 21 Rooms

Controls Use the left mouse button to enter a room and eat food from backpack.

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