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Alice is Dead 3

It’s been six months since the events of the first chapter. The town of Rosewood has been shaken and the townspeople have been left questioning what’s true and what’s a lie. The authorities are still trying to track down and recover from the federal leaks that allowed an insider to sell secrets to the highest bidder. As for the girls of Rowan Academy, they continue to live their lives as normal. But while they may be able to keep up appearances, everyone is still secretly wondering what happened the night of the party. As the reclusive Howard, the town’s small-time crook, is the only person who knows what really took place that night. But now that he’s been found and has been released from the asylum, he’s ready to tell his story. He’s got the four girls and their friends in a room. Can you figure out who is a pawn in his nefarious plan and who is an innocent victim? And with the entire town’s secrets now out in the open, will you be able to stay one step ahead of everyone and stay

The city is under a deadly threat and you must save the victims. Someone has transformed the city into a living hell. The Red Death has come to town and you must stop it at all costs. The infected citizens have transformed into horrible creatures. To put an end to their reign of terror, you’ll need to find the different survivors and lead them to a safe zone. Search the city and help the innocent people get out of this place. Search the areas, collect the items, solve puzzles and lead the survivors to safety. You must rescue the survivors from the Red Death. Find the survivors, lead them to a safe zone and keep them safe from the Red Death till the rescue team arrives. Save the survivors, find the items and solve puzzles to complete each

You have returned home from a business trip to find that everything is in disarray. Your wife has gone missing and all signs point to something sinister. With a heavy heart, you set out to find her. Explore the house, solve puzzles, and search for clues that might lead you to your wife’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, one night of missing your wife isn’t enough to explain everything that’s happened. You must find out what happened to your wife as soon as

Stuck on a deserted island? Don’t worry, because you’ll have plenty of time to think. You’re not in trouble, but you are stuck in a place that won’t let you go. You have to find a way out. It might not be easy, but solving puzzles is always fun, right? Good luck and have

Alice is back with another challenge and you're in for a ride! This time, the story is a little different. You’re in an abandoned mansion and you have to try to escape. You can collect objects and solve puzzles to help you get out of this place. Good luck and have

How to play Alice is Dead 3

Controls Left-click to interact with the objects.

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