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Dead City

Dead City is a zombie shooter game set in an apocalyptic world after a deadly pandemic outbreak. As one of the few survivors, your mission is to explore the ruined city and eliminate all infected before they have a chance to spread further. Explore various locations, arm yourself with weapons, fight off zombies, and complete challenging missions in this thrilling first-person shooter game. A strategy is essential to succeed – keep your distance from zombies when shooting at them, so that you don’t get cornered. Good

Are you ready to take on the city as a zombie or human? This one is a multiplayer game. It’s your classic hidden-identity, team-based shooter with a zombie apocalypse twist. As one of two teams—human survivors or unending zombies—you must use strategy and cunning to win. Each side has their own strengths and weaknesses, so read carefully before you decide which team will be the best fit for you. If you are ready to fight against an army of vicious zombies, then read on below and discover why this scary game is right up your alley! But don’t let them know

This game is a third person shooter with zombies and lots of shooting. You are locked up in a prison on an island and you have no idea why. You will have to fight your way out by shooting lots of zombies that come after you. They are everywhere, the city, the docks and even the prison itself. There are a lot of them and they don’t go down easily, but you need to find a way out ASAP because it won’t be safe for long there! Search buildings for supplies and try to survive as long as possible. Good

This one is an action-packed first person zombie shooter game with comic book styled visuals. This horror game has you exploring a city filled with zombies and other nightmarish creatures as you try to find a way to stop the spread of infection and end the outbreak. It’s fast, furious and frightful

This amazing game is a FPS Zombie survival game where you must kill zombies to stay alive. It features a post-apocalyptic city overrun by zombies and mutants. You must defend yourself by shooting them all before they get too

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Using Mouse

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