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Death's Clutch

Welcome to Deathx27s Clutch, a first person shooter game that is set in a horror environment. This game is designed for the solo player and will have you feeling the tension of being alone in an abandoned space station. You must make your way through this dark and terrifying world, escaping from monsters and bosses along the way. The game is free to download on any device with a browser, so you can play it

You wake up in a dark, unknown place. You are all alone with only a knife in hand and you must escape from this terrible nightmare. Deathx27s Clutch is a survival horror game. The gameplay consists of the player trying to avoid contact with the enemies, collecting items and solving puzzles to escape from the game world. This game is first person shooter and has a dark theme. No matter how good you are at shooting games, this one will present some challenge. You should prepare for the

You are not alone. You are a survivor who is unarmed and lost on an alien planet with no memory of how you got there. Your only hope is to find a way back to Earth alive. But, the aliens that inhabit this planet don't want you to leave! Explore their world and survive as long as possible by shooting down any obstacles in your path. Don't forget to run from the creatures that want to eat you! Deathx27s Clutch is an intense, first person shooter game for mobile devices. It's also a very addictive game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! You can download it for free on iTunes or Google Play Store. After downloading it, click the link below to

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