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Poppy has a new friend, a little green guy she calls Mr. Oogler. Together, they go exploring in the dungeon and discover it's so much more than a place to store old barrels and broken crates. It's also home to many creatures who have been living in fear of the nasty human intruders who keep breaking down their door. Help Poppy and Mr. Oogler break down those awkward walls between them and everyone can be friends! This is the third installment of our "Dungeon Poppy Playtime" series, where Poppy goes on an adventure with her new Green Friend Mr. Oogler searching for hidden secrets inside that creepy

Who ever said that poppies can’t be adventurers too? In this new and exciting game of Dungeon Poppy Playtime, you will get to see just how much action a little poppy can handle. With plenty of weapons, magical powers, and amazing outfits to choose from, you won’t believe just how much fun this little guy can have. There will be monsters, there will be adventures and there will be shooting galore in this brand new game where the cutest poppy gets to explore the world he has always dreamed about. Let’s get started shall

The objective of the game is to control the soldier to move around the dungeon with different levels of difficulty and thus be able to shoot everything that moves against you, to complete each level you must eliminate the ferocious Huggy Wuggy and collect the key of each level! !! You can improve your arsenal, such as your different weapons, shield, first aid kit !!! Features: Action, shooting and puzzle game. Difficulty levels with multiple enemies. Collection of weapons and survival kits. Fight between soldiers and multiple monsters.

Do you remember playing with puppets as a child? What about so-called " sock puppets "? If you’ve never heard of either kind, that’s probably because you’re not a kid anymore. It’s fair to say that most of us grow out of playing with puppets. if there was a place where all those fantastical puppet characters came to life and fought against their human masters? What if we were the ultimate arbiters of their fate? Would you ever play with puppets

Poppy is back and she’s bringing her favourite game with her! In Dungeon Popey Playtime, you’ll get to explore a new dungeon filled with monsters and other challenges that will put your skills as a player to the test. But don’t worry, with Poppy by your side you’re sure to win! Stay tuned for more details on how you can play and help Poppy destroy those pesky monsters. And watch out because they are coming to get

In the magical land of

How to play Dungeon Poppy Playtime

Dungeon Poppy Playtime - instructions: Move with the mouse on PC. Touch and drag the joystick on mobile devices, tablets. 800 X 600 Wed May 11 2022

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