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Evil Granny: Horror Village

Evil Granny: Horror Village is a brand new game where you will face with Scary Evil Granny that want to find and kill you. You have to find all treasure boxes and escape from Horror Village. But beware from Scary Evil Granny.

Nothing followed by a shriek...
Maybe it was something in the well water or an angry spirit that seized her, but there's something wrong with grandmother in Evil Granny: Horror Village. She's become so lost in the darkness that she'll hunt you down and kill you for no apparent reason! In each level of this unblocked game, all you have to do is uncover a treasure chest or complete some other basic objective. If you make a mistake, her bloodcurdling howl will be the last thing you hear.

Horror Village's Evil Granny Is Absolutely Bone-Chilling!

Walking around a gloomy and desolate village in complete darkness is terrifying enough, but in this online game, you must take every step with the knowledge that it could be your last. That psycho lady is always near by, and she will find you no matter what you do. So be swift when you're pursuing those goals. You might just make it if you're quick and smart. It's free to play Evil Granny: Horror Village, but it could cost you your mind!

How to play Evil Granny: Horror Village

Use WASD or Arrows to move, Space to jump, SHift to run and E to interact

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