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Flappy Bird is a mobile game created by Vietnam-based developer, Dong Nguyen that became an overnight hit in early 2013. Initially released as a Google Play exclusive, the game's success led to its release on other app stores as well as on home consoles. Flappy Bird is a simple game: the player must tap the screen of their device to keep it airborne. But just like most online games today, it has additional features that can be unlocked with virtual currency or purchased with real money. These additional features include more difficult gameplay levels, additional characters and modes, and new themes for your player character. In addition to being one of the first few games to have this level of popularity on mobile devices and personal computers (PCs), Flappy Bird also marked an important moment in the gaming industry. Prior to its release, many developers had doubted if gamers were willing or able to play full-length games on smaller screens due to their smaller size and lower pixel density. The release of Flappy Bird and other horizontal-scrolling platformers such as Super Mario Bros., Metroidvania games, let players know that they did not need high-end hardware to enjoy premium gaming experiences on cheaper devices – especially if those games were enjoyable enough to keep players engaged for long periods of time at a

When the evil Emperor Poppy attacked Flappy Town and kidnapped the princess,she sent her best minion- a flappy bird named Flapjack to capture the king's them escape from the castle by flying them through pipes as they run, jump and climb their way be careful!The monster under King Pecroo’s bed is hungry for princesses!Flapjack doesn't know that his dad was actually Poppy until he found it in his closet one him find out what other lies have been told about his family before it is too late! Join Flapjack on his fantastic adventure to save the princess and uncover the truth about his father! Find hidden items and solve puzzles as you explore this amazing kingdom. Race against time in a non-stop action game! Try to beat each level to unlock all of its secrets as you go from room to room solving puzzles along the way. Join Flapjack on his fantastic adventure to save the princess and uncover the truth about his

Flappy Bird was taken down in February of last year, but Flappy Little Heroes lives on! In this single player game you take control of Flappy Little Hero who is attempting to fly through a dangerous forest. If Flappy fails, he crashes and dies. The main objective is to help guide him safely to the end, be that somewhere near a river or at the edge of a cliff. There are various different flying surfaces that can make it more difficult for you as the player but there are also some more helpful things such as Mystery Boxes that will give you extra points if you collect them all. Whether you’ve played the original or not, we’re confident that Flappy Little Heroes will be addictive fun for everyone! The game mechanics are simple enough for younger players to understand and those slightly older ones might find it an easy way to pass the time with an eye fixed on their phone screen. Just remember not to play while

Flappy Bird was released on May 15 2013. It was an instant hit and stayed on the top charts for almost a year. It was finally removed from the stores due to several issues regarding the creator of this game, including harassment of users who kept playing this game after being asked not to do so anymore. This is Flappy Aliens is a clone of Flappy Bird which is also known as the Flappy Bird clones. To play this game, you will use your fingers to make Flappy Alien fly through space by pressing its head gently when it's at top of the screen and tapping it lightly when it's at bottom of the screen. It’s simple but challenging! How long can you keep it airborne? Try to score more points with different obstacles and enemies that come in your way. This game has 3 difficulties; easy, medium and

Flappy Bird is back. After a two-week hiatus, the insanely hard flapping game is back with some new challenging levels. Once again, you must tap to fly through the pipes while attempting to avoid green pipes that shut off one after another as soon as you come in contact with them. The pipes start appearing after the 20th level, so do not give up too soon or you’ll have to go back several levels! Start playing Flappy Bird once again and see how far you can get. More levels are being added regularly so keep checking for updates and see if your high score ends up on the leaderboard once again. Read Flappy Bird Wiki for additional tips, tricks and answers to frequently asked questions about this addictive

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