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The new Five Nights at Freddy's is coming to you in the form of a robot shooting game. You have been selected to work at Fazbear's Pizza as a security guard. You are the last line of defense here as you must survive the five nights of the Freddy's restaurant. This is a no-brainer right? Or not? As the child killer and his creatures are coming to get you! What if I told you that the kidnapper is none other than the owner of this restaurant? Further, what if I told you that the murders were done by the animatronic animals? Now, if you are still not believing me, what if I told you that they want you to be their guard? And what if I told you that they will take their revenge if you are not following their orders? Yes, you read it right. This is something which happens every

Five Nights at Freddy's is an indie horror video game developed and published by Scott Cawthra. The game is set in a family-owned pizza restaurant, where the employees are being murdered by an evil spirit known as “The Freddy’s”. The player plays the role of a security guard at the night shift of the Fazbear's Pizza. The player is required to guard the front desk and monitor the cameras at night while investigating the murders. The main objective of the game is to prevent the security guard to get killed by the animatronics. The player has to monitor the cameras, check doors and vents, check the security system and feed the animatronics with a power source. Five Nights at Freddy's is a classic game where you have to survive five nights in a room with the

Save the world from the evil Freddy Fazbear and his band of terrifying friends in this action adventure game! Armed with only a camera, your wit and strategy will be required to survive theFreddy Fazbear and his band of terrifying friends. Armed with only a camera, your wit and strategy will be required to survive the animatronic night. As a security guard at Fazbear's Fright Night, the world's most famous Halloween theme park, you must lock exits and cameras to keep everyone inside. But when the doors close and the night starts, nothing can stop the ghosts of the past from showing up to ruin the party. Will you stay calm, or will you be the thing that scares the life out of

Five nights at freddy’s is an online game developed by Scott Cawthon. The game is based on a series of short horror films. The plot of the game is that you are a security guard working at a hotel called freddy’s. There are several animatronic characters called freddy, miranda, chica, bonnie, yoshi, etc. The animatronics are created by the child-killer callous foxy. The characters come alive at night to kill the security guard who is called the night guard. You should protect yourself with several animatronic characters as well as your trusty security guard companion Phone, notebook, security camera, etc.) in each of the seven nights of the

FNAF is a series of video games based on the popular video game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s. The first game, FNAF: The New Fun, was released on Steam in October 2016. In the game, players must help the protagonist survive the night at a creepy toy store. The original game is known by the names Five Nights at Freddy’s, Freddy Fazbears, and Five Nights at Freddy’s: The New

How to play FNaF Shooter

Controls Mouse = look around WASD = movement W + Shift = run Space = jump Left mouse button = shoot Right mouse button (hold) = aim Mouse wheel = next / previous weapon 1-7 = weapon hotkeys R = reload G = throw a grenade

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