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Horror Jungle Drive

Horror Jungle Drive. You must get out of this place before your ultimate death. Solve puzzles, find objects and hints etc to solve puzzles and escape from the jungle. Solve various logical thinking puzzles to escape this jungle drive. This Horror Escape Game will challenge you with its mind-blowing puzzles and scary traps. Explore this jungle as you try to solve them one by one so that you can get out of here. Addictive gameplay, mysterious theme, challenging logic thinking level and an unexpected ending – what more can you ask for? Play it

Can you escape from the This one ? You have to drive your car skillfully and avoid to fall into the abyss. The road is full of sharp turns, tunnels with obstacles and many other traps that you have to avoid as much as possible. Get ready for some thrilling drive, but beware of everything around you! If you can handle the intense speeds, tight turns and bumpy roads, then maybe this is your type of challenge. Only the best drivers will make it out alive. Can you handle it? Good

This game Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games2Rule. You are trapped inside a Horror jungle drive bus. Solve puzzles to get out of there. Good Luck Have Fun! In this Escape game, you are trapped inside a Horror jungle drive bus. As the driver, your job is to solve puzzles in order to get out of there. Find objects, use tools and hints in the cell phone in order to solve puzzles and escape from the Horror jungle drive bus. Good luck have

This amazing game is an adventure game in which you will be driving a car through the jungle. You will have to master your car and use it to its full potential to escape from the dangerous man traps that are strewn all over the place and by the end, you will have to face the biggest challenges of your life. Keep on reading if you want some more information about this

Horror Jungle Drive is Another Escape Game Developed By Play Next Games. In This Game, You Have To Help A Girl Escape From The Cursed Ghost House. Make sure to check the hidden objects and solve interesting puzzles to get out of there safely! ☛ How To

How to play Horror Jungle Drive

WASD to control car L to enable/disable lights

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