It's getting colder and colder every day. You think it's just a joke, but when you see your friends dressing up *gasp* ghosts and monsters to scare each other on Halloween, you know something is up. Not to mention when all your favorite ice cream parlors close down one by one because of some weird "climate change" - what does that even mean? Something fishy is going on here and it's time to investigate! With this new update, this game gets creepier and scarier than ever before! Jump into the world of horror once again with Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood 2, the sequel to the popular hidden object game. This time around we have double the amount of locations, characters and puzzles to challenge you even further. Assemble the team and get ready for a spine-tingling

Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood 2 is another installment in the popular horror game series. This one, like the others, is an adventure and 3D game with a bit of challenge to it. You play as a child that must explore a scary neighborhood and complete tasks in order to survive. Ice Scream Horror neighborhood is not overly difficult to play, but it does become more challenging as you progress through it. The graphics are fairly good, with some cartoon-like imagery mixed in as well as 3D graphics and creepy visuals. If you like creepy games that are not too challenging, give this one a

Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood 2   is an immersive horror game that takes you through a dark and spooky neighborhood. You’ll have to solve puzzles, collect items, and interact with your surroundings in order to complete each segment. Your primary objective is to escape the terrifying house you find yourself locked inside of. If you like creepy games, scary houses, or anything horror related, you’ll love this virtual reality experience. New players should read our Ice Scream review before getting

Do you have the guts to explore this creepy house and find all the hidden objects? If so, prove it! Ice Scream is a brand new 3D Hidden Object game where you must find scary objects in a unique haunted house environment. Creepy, chilling, and challenging - each level will test your observation skills and your nerves. Find out if you have what it takes to finish this awesome game. Test your skills now and see if you are ready for this challenge

This is the sequel to Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood 2. The game takes place after the events of the first game with a new house and characters along with new puzzles and challenges. Discover what happened after the ice cream factory closed its doors and why it has been abandoned for so long. You will meet new friends and face old enemies that have now taken a different form. Ice, scream, horror, neighborhood, challenge, houses, friends,


Using Mouse


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