Looking for an amazing adventure? We have come up with the ultimate horror game for you. You will love playing this awesome horror game. It is a hidden object game, where you will find lots of creepy things around you. Some people might say that it is just another hidden object game but there are some differences as well. If you are willing to know more about this then continue reading further from here! In this awesome adventure, you will be living in a small neighborhood where everyone knows each other pretty well. However, there has been an incident that something very strange happened recently and people started disappearing from the same place one after another. It is like someone is trying to make the place deserted or something like that. So grab your friends and family and go explore this great new horror adventure

You live in a town overrun by zombies and other creatures. What's even scarier? The fact that the entire neighborhood is filled with bizarre and twisted people who have no qualms about killing you for your home, your clothes or even just for the hell of it! You are not safe anywhere in this neighborhood and you will feel like your skin is crawling the whole time. That's why we designed our own version of Sierra Höhlenlösung, called Icescream Horror Neighborhood - Ice Cream Horror Nachbarschaft. Here is how you do it: Install the app on all of your devices. Turn up the volume to 11 as you blast some music while you run through the creepy neighborhood just as quick as possible. As soon as you get to ice cream shop, order a medium ice cream cone with sprinkles. Run in and get out before anyone sees

Horror Neighborhood is an Adventure, Action, and Indie game that has been designed by Cockroach. The game is available for PC. This Horror game focuses on finding the missing children in the neighborhood. There are some strange things happening in the neighborhood, and everyone thinks it’s because of a new babysitter named Mrs. O’Neill who comes to stay with the children while their parents go out for the evening. But no one knows what really happens behind closed doors at Mrs O’Neill’s house. It may seem like an ideal place to take care of kids, but there are some other people who live next door that could ruin your day at any

Icescream Horror is a new room escape game from Eijaz you have entered the icescream horror house for your college internship. The owner of the house Mr. Icescream has asked you to clean his house, he will be out of town on business and he wants it to be clean by the end of the day. However, things are not as simple as they seem! There are many hidden surprises in this icesream horror house and you will find yourself trapped inside with no way out! Are you up to the challenge of staying alive in this icesream horror neighborhood? Good luck and good escape

The Icescream Horror Neighborhood is a game where your goal is to escape from the horror of this nightmare. In this game, you have to face with the horrifying houses and monsters. You will have to escape from these situations with the help of your wits. The level of difficulty increases as you progress through the levels. This can be really frustrating for those who are not patient enough or those who don’t know how to hide their emotions. So, let’s see how can you overcome


Using Mouse


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