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Mentally Disturbed Grandpa The Asylum

Grandpa is one of the most important people in your life. He was there when you were learning to walk, playing catch with a ball, and probably even teaching you how to drive and sneak out at night. But what if something happened to this kind old man that made him mentally unstable? This is the premise of the game Mentally Disturbed Grandpa from The Asylum game developers. This scary grandfather has lost his mind and now roams around his creepy house trying to kill any uninvited guests. You are one of those unfortunate visitors who got locked in his house with this psychopathic grandpa. Now it’s up to you to find a way out of there before he finds you and finishes you off once and for

Can you handle the screams? Test your courage and explore the old asylum to uncover its terrifying secrets! Help an unfortunate patient find his sanity again and unveil the mystery of an abandoned mansion! Mentally Disturbed Grandpa is a first person horror game with lots of jumpscares, creepy visuals and weird puzzles. You play as the grandson of famous scientist Dr. Reddy who recently discovered the properties of telepathic communication. Explore various locations, interact with other characters and avoid masked lunatics to stay alive in this crazy adventure! If you like being scared senseless and love 3D horror games then you’ll get hooked on Mentally Disturbed

Grandpa is mentally disturbed. He believes that he's a superhero, and he wants to save the world. His first mission is to save his new friend Granny from the evil Dr. Generic. Will you help him in his adventure? This game has a weird storyline and it's creepy, but also funny and enjoyable. You will have lots of fun as you help Grandpa defeat monsters, aliens, lab rats, and bats by throwing objects like plants, buckets of water, and books at

Self-proclaimed hero and masked vigilante, The Asylum, has been keeping the city of Baxtersville safe from its own crazed citizens. All that changed when Grandpa Hugo crossed his path. Tired of playing a sidekick in his own life, an old and demented man with nothing left to lose, donned a purple suit, mask and assorted weaponry to bring down the masked


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Using Mouse

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