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MineWorld Horror The Mansion

The year is 2089, and the world has never been more connected. Virtual worlds have become so realistic that many have called them Metaverse. However, something sinister lurks beneath these virtual landscapes. In a hidden basement lab within a massive estate, something evil has been unleashed on the unsuspecting inhabitants of an alternate reality game known as ‘The Real World’. That same night, while one player explores the property and tries to solve its puzzles, other players venture inside a second player’s computer-generated avatar in another digital world known as the Miniverse. These are the brave souls who are about to uncover one of the most horrifying video games ever

There are many legends about the hidden mansion in the woods. No one knows for sure where the house came from or how it came to be there. Some say that it was built by some very rich people in the past and that they are still living there now. Others claim that it was built as a prison for an evil witch who trapped her victims inside. But whatever its true purpose may have been, one thing is for sure- no one has ever seen anyone else live there, much less ever leave! This is your chance to explore this bizarre old place and see what secrets lie within. Of course, you should probably go with friends first just to make sure you don’t run into any problems on your way

The world is not as perfect as it appears to be. The beings on this earth are not the only ones that exist in this universe. There are other worlds above us and below us. You’ve probably come across stories of people who claim to have visited one of these other worlds, known as mineworlds. These hidden places can be accessed by climbing up or down into these underground caverns and connecting with the energy sources located there. Some of these mineworlds are beautiful, others are horrible and totally intimidating, but all are intriguing and worth exploring if you dare to do

Welcome to Mineworld Horror The Mansion! In this game you will be exploring the creepy mansion, fighting against different types of evil and solving various puzzles. Escape the house before it's too late! - Tap to shoot your pistol - Avoid obstacles and traps and find secret passages - Collect clues, solve riddles and unlock doors. - Use lanterns, flashlights and your phone’s light to explore the dark corners of the house. - Find useful items that will help you solve puzzles, access new areas or defeat

In the game, you’re Mineworld. Your goal is to escape from the mansion by finding all the door keys and diverting the flow of red dots towards blue ones. But be careful! Mineworld contains many threats, some more lethal than

How to play MineWorld Horror The Mansion

Using Mouse

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