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Impostor Squad is a cool action game made by kiz studio. In this action game you will play as an army soldier who has been assigned to infiltrate a small town along with his squad and gather information about the enemy's plans. You have just been deployed for your first mission, but something went terribly The enemy has spotted your squad and they've attacked! Your mission was supposed to last for just one night, but suddenly you’ll be waging war against everything that walks these hills. Imps, zombies, wolves, and other creepy crawlies are lurking in the darkness and they won’t hesitate to pounce on your helpless squad. You need to use all of your training and weapons at hand to dispatch them with extreme haste before they can harm your team. Keep You have no idea how long you can last against the relentless attack of these bloodthirsty

Impostor Squad, known as Kiz10 in South Korea, is an arcade-style third person action game developed by Monster Games and published by Gnetcom. In Impostor Squad, players take the role of a member of an elite squad tasked with capturing top secret documents from a top secret base. The game has been met with positive reception upon release; reviewers praised the gameplay and level design in particular. Several publications highlighted the game's fun factor and accessibility for both novice and advanced gamers. However, some critics felt that the pace of the gameplay was too fast, resulting in jagged framerate at times and artificial difficulty

This impostor squad is invading your base! It’s up to you and your squad to defend it. You need to train these Impostor Soldiers until they are so good that no one will ever think of impersonating the real army again. As a commander, you must be able to spot these impostors in order to eliminate them before they can even infiltrate your base. Does your base have what it takes? Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Impostor Squad is a real test of wits and strategy. Attack from all sides, use decoys and watch out for those traps that can be set off with the push of a

Animals are savage, they’re not afraid of anything and they attack anyone that comes their way. To stop these attacks you will have to train your squad fast, because the enemies are getting stronger each need to build a strong base and train up your troops so they can protect your home once the attacking the right team and get ready for

Monsters attack the impostor squad. You are in charge! Guide them to safety by moving them through different rooms, and make sure they aren’t caught off guard. Use your AR card to help you navigate levels, solve puzzles and find hidden items. Upgrade your weapon as soon as possible so that you can take down more enemies with one

How to play Monsters Attack Impostor Squad

Instructions:Move yourself with the arrows of the keyboardChange hero by pressing CShoot with Z keySpecial Power X On mobile devices tap the game buttons. 800 X 600 Fri Apr 08 2022

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