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My Zombie Driving Apocalypse

If you think driving in the city is challenging, wait until you drive through a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world. Get ready to face one of the scariest challenges of your life and drive your way to survival in this brand new Driving game – Zombie Driving Apocalypse. This time, you will be playing for real and must prove that you have what it takes to survive against the walking dead as a lone driver. Your task is to drive your car through abandoned roads, creepy alleys, and treacherous terrain while fighting waves upon waves of bloodthirsty zombies who are hell-bent on taking you down. With only seconds before they emerge from every nook and cranny, can you stay alert enough to avoid becoming their next

The world is over! There is no clean water and food is scarce. The only way to survive is by driving around the city as a zombie and eating people. As a desperate survivor, you need to equip yourself with weapons, practice your shooting skills, and become the most feared zombie driver in town. This game is inspired from the famous ‘Zombie apocalypse’ scenario that has been widely explored in books, movies, and video games. We have created a virtual environment to explore this post-apocalyptic world where zombies are dominant and humans their prey. With our Zombie Driving Apocalypse Virtual Reality game, you can experience what it feels like to be a zombie or human locked in this fight for

Zombie Apocalypse Driving: A new, amazing and thrilling car racing game with all the elements of horror, action and zombie in it. In this game you will drive your car through a city road filled with zombies. While driving, you need to avoid hitting any zombies and try to keep them away by zig-zag driving or by jumping over them using the ramp. If you love horror games, action games, or zombie games – or if you want to get a taste of all three! – You will surely love this new crazy game! Give it a try and test your driving skills as well as your

Today you are the driver of a car, that has to be saved from Zombies. You must drive and shoot them to stay alive! The game is all about your survival. If You crash, you’ll lose a life. If You run out of bullets, you’ll lose a life. So drive fast and shoot efficiently! New challenges are awaiting for you and the better you play, the more points you get! Remember: Each level has its own set of traps and dangers. And the more time passes - the harder it

In this VR game you need to drive a car and run over zombies. You can use nitro and upgrade your car. Even if you hit a zombie once or twice, it won’t be enough to stop them from coming after you. So be prepared for some serious challenges

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Using Mouse

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