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Nina The Killer: Go To Sleep My Prince

In this exciting game you will be playing as a girl who is locked in a dungeon and needs to escape. To do that, she needs to find clues, solve puzzles and defeat her enemies. Enemies are pretty tough, so try not to get hit much or you'll need to start the game once again. On your way through the castle, there will be different kinds of traps that you need to avoid if you don’t want to die. You won’t have much time after taking each step because the countdown begins again right away. So pay attention to everything around you and good

Looking for an adventure game with a horror atmosphere that’ll make you shiver? Check out Nina The Killer – Go to Sleep, My Prince, an exciting new action-adventure shooter with a spooky vibe! You play as the gorgeous and courageous Nina, who is trapped in a castle full of ghostly inhabitants after answering a mysterious letter from her prince. You must help her find her way out of this haunted place before time runs out and she becomes one of its residents

Nina The Killer is a side-scrolling action-adventure game with shooting and stealth elements. You play as Nina, a young girl locked in the attic of her mansion. Her family has been murdered and she is now trying to find out why and who was responsible for it. For that, she needs to go through the seven floors of her house, each with its own dangers and secrets. This game is inspired by Japanese horror games like Creepy Cave or Action Horror games like

Are you ready for a scary game? If you love playing challenging games filled with horror and suspense, then this game is for you!   In this game, your main objective is to escape from the haunted house before time runs out. Do not let the fear get to you and keep an eye on your surroundings. Look for clues and objects that could help you get out of there. This exciting game will test your courage and puzzle-solving skills. Good luck and have

Fighting against zombies is a hazardous job. If you’re not careful, you might become one of them. But for the protagonists in these games, it’s also a rewarding career. Zombies are just

How to play Nina The Killer: Go To Sleep My Prince

Key Features High-quality graphics Easy-to-learn controls Different weapons to choose from Instruction Mouse 1: Fire Mouse 2: Aim/Block W-S-A-D: Walk Left Shift: Sprint Left Ctrl: Crouch X: Prone Space: Jump F: Use item R: Reload H: Holster weapon G: Grenade V: Melee attack Esc or Tab: Pause

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