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Poppy Huggie Escape

Poppy Huggie is a famous YouTuber. She is also a ghost hunter. She has recently discovered a haunted house and she wants to explore it. Since she does not want to scare her fans, she invites them to join her for an exciting escape challenge in this house. They need to find the clues and solve puzzles as fast as they can and get out of the house by midnight. Will you help Poppy Huggee? If you are ready, proceed with reading this article. It will provide you with helpful tips that will significantly increase your chances of escaping the haunted mansion

A spooky, foggy night. A dark, abandoned mansion with a terrifying history. The perfect setting for Poppy Huggle to have the worst nightmare of her life! The kitties in town say that the mansion is haunted and that no one who went there ever returned. With her curiosity peeked and a strong sense of adventure, Poppy sets out to find out what really lurks inside the old house. So buckle up, get ready for a thrilling ride, and escape from the haunted house before its too

Have you ever heard of the saying 'celebrate responsibly'? Well, we guess not. In this game a girl is celebrating New Year by escaping from a locked room and finding hidden creepy Poppy Huggie characters. You need to help her find her way out by interacting with objects and solving puzzles. Avoid scary creatures and traps that might prevent your

In this game, you need to help the cute little Poppy Huggie escape from the abandoned mansion. You will have to jump over obstacles, run fast and escape from the clutches of the evil monster in order to win. With so many challenges ahead of you, are you ready? Let’s get

Have you ever got stuck in a nightmare? In this escape game, you need to find the key and the exit door to get out of the locked room. It won’t be an easy task given the unsettling atmosphere and various challenges that lie ahead. Are you ready? Let’s

How to play Poppy Huggie Escape

Instruction Instructions: Use the keyboard arrows to jump and crouch to run the obstacles. Touch and drag the screen on mobile and tablet devices to jump and crouch.

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