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Poppy Maze

Poppy Maze is easy but hard, fun but frustrating. It will drive you crazy in the best possible way! You’ll love this new and addicting puzzle

Scary Maze” is a game created in Construct 3 with the new 3D feature, making it a really cool first-person game! Your objective is to get out of the maze, you must find the key to open the gate. Try to get out as fast as possible to save your time record. Enjoy 3D immersion

Poppy and her friends are lost in a maze! Help them find their way back to the exit of each level by exploring the maze, finding clues and solving puzzles. Each time you help Poppy and her friends escape from another part of the labyrinth, you’ll get closer to solving the final mystery. Are you ready for this adventurous challenge? > Let’s explore this new hidden object game and crack the puzzles with wits, not witchcraft.> So keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this brand-new

Welcome to the fun world of Poppy and her friends! Help her get through this maze by finding the for hidden clues and use them to escape the maze. Earn coins along the way, find hidden secrets, and unlock new characters as you progress. Can you find your way out of the Poppy Maze? In this challenge you need to find exit from all these rooms. There are a lot of puzzles and riddles waiting for you so think before making any steps. Good

What could be more fun than a puzzle? A PUZZLE MAZE! In this game you will find yourself in an old, mysterious house. Your goal is to escape from it. To do this you must solve various puzzles, find hidden clues and use your logic skills. Do not rely on luck, think strategically and get out of there! Good

Welcome to the Poppy Maze! Are you ready for an exciting challenge? Follow the yellow brick road and escape from the labyrinth by finding all the hidden exits. Sounds easy? But be aware of false traps and dead ends, because this maze is not that simple as it seems. Good luck and get

How to play Poppy Maze

Using Mouse move with the arrow.

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