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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Jigsaw Puzzle

Playtime with Poppy is the sequel to Playtime, a puzzle adventure game that takes you on an epic journey across the globe. In this second chapter of the Playtime series, you will once again be greeted by your trusty friend, Poppy, and her many friends and family. Together you will solve one challenging puzzle after another. You’ll travel across exotic locations, meet new characters and embark on a number of exciting adventures as you try to save Poppy from an unknown danger at hand. The clock is ticking! Explore new places - This time around, you’ll be exploring different parts of the world. From sunny beaches to lush forests and even creepy ghost-towns, explore the vastness of our planet in order to find out what happened to Poppy’s mom. Travel as far as possible in your quest in order to find out more about Poppy’s mom. New characters - There are lots of new characters that have also joined your cause in helping us find our beloved friend’s mother. New challenges - If you thought our puzzles were tough before? Well prepare for some real challenge! This time around we have integrated some cool features into our puzzles such as: Time Limits, Hint Coins and Limited Solutions available for purchase with Gold Coins that can be earned throughout gameplay; These features will help challenge even the most determined puzzle

Welcome to Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, in which we meet a very special little girl. Her name is Poppy and she absolutely loves playing with her toys! Every day she gives her toys unique names so that they know exactly what role they are meant to play. Today, you’re going to be sharing the play time with her! Your little girl has a lot of favorite toys, but they can only stay together for so long before getting lonely. It’s time you invited some friends over to join them for some fun! Make sure you stock up on as much fun as possible before your friends arrive so that Poppy doesn’t feel left out. After all, she wants everyone to have a great time playing with her too! Work together with your child to complete this jigsaw puzzle by fitting the pieces together into one image. Look at each piece carefully and make sure it goes where it belongs before continuing onto the next one. Once the puzzle is complete there will be another surprise waiting inside! Let's

Play Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Jigsaw Puzzle game. It is the second puzzle game of Poppy Playtime series. The objective of the game is to help Poppy play with her toys by following the instructions on each piece of the jigsaw puzzle. You will have to find all hidden items within a time limit and match them up to complete the puzzles in this game! If you like doing jigsaw puzzles, you’ll love playing our games series! Are you sharp enough? Then get playing now! - Let's see how well you know this - Where is it? I can almost see it from but what’s that strange shape? - How far can I go before I reach my goal… or fail to reach it? Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Jigsaw Puzzle has different levels with increasing difficulty. Once you finish a level, try playing again and see if you can finish it faster next time! Good

Poppy is a sweet and innocent little girl who loves to spend time with her family and friends. She loves playing different games and spending time with her peers in the yard, at the fairgrounds, or at the town park. They all have so much fun together! To extend the fun activities with your little girl, why not introduce her to jigsaw puzzles? Depending on her age and ability, you can start by creating simple jigsaw puzzles for babies, toddlers or preschoolers. Once she gets used to them and understands how they work, it’s time to introduce more challenging types of puzzles. These are some of our favorite types of jigsaw puzzles for toddlers – and we think they’ll be yours

Poppy loves playing with toys and puzzles! She loves them so much, in fact, that she’s created her very own toy company called “Poppy Today we are going to play with some of our favorite toys and puzzles and see if you can guess which ones belong to Poppy! -How many Popsicles does it take to bridge a river? - How many puzzle pieces do you need to assemble a Toy Carnival? -What is the difference between a jigsaw and a sliding puzzle? Join us as we explore all these questions and more.

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Drag and drop!


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