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Poppy Strike

Poppy Strike is an arcade shooter with a twist. This game has you play as an agent of the organization known as This one. Your job is to infiltrate enemy territories, neutralize their defenses, and eliminate their operations one by one. You do this through stealthy infiltration or all-out attack, depending on your preference. This game has you take up arms against enemies in challenging missions that will test your shooting skills and puzzle solving abilities. Are you ready to fill your clip and

This one is a fast-paced, third-person shooter game with elements of action and strategy. Take control of the battlefield and strike rapidly to conquer your enemies! Play this addicting shooter game to prove your strategic shooting skills. Shoot down all the enemy soldiers and save your squad in this immersive 3D world. If you like playing shooting games or action shooters, This game is for

Poppy Strike is a 3rd person shooter with retro graphics, simple controls, and challenging gameplay. Players take control of Poppy, an intrepid young lady who finds herself stranded on an isolated island after a freak accident. With the help of her trusty sidekick owl, Poppy must shoot her way through hordes of enemies to find a way

In this game you are the protagonist. You play as a sniper and are tasked with shooting the enemies one by one. There is no killing spree or other similar things. You need to be focused, see if you can handle this! Are you up for

How to play Poppy Strike

Using Mouse

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