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Residence of Evil

You are trapped in a small house with a bunch of evil zombies. You will have to defend yourself and fight for survival. There are various items and weapons that you can find and use in the game. Try to survive and fight the zombies as long as possible. Good luck! Residence Of Evil is an online first person shooter game that you can play on Zombie Or Die. You have to survive and fight the zombies in a small house. You will have to defend yourself from the zombies. You can find various weapons and items that will help you fight the zombies. Have

You awake from a nightmare and find yourself locked in an abandoned asylum. Armed only with a flashlight and your wits, you must search the building for the secrets of its past and possible means of escape. As you explore the nightmarish environment, you will encounter the remnants of long-forgotten medical experiments and terrifying Zombies. The Residence of Evil is a first-person shooter game with horror elements. The player will have to explore the old asylum and find out what happened there in the past. The abandoned asylum holds many secrets, and you must use your wirt to explore them and find a way out. If you get caught by the evil creatures that inhabit the building, then you will have to fight for your life. Overcome obstacles and dangers as you uncover the secrets of the abandoned asylum, and can you survive the

You wake up in a locked room. Only a chair and a table for you there. What do you do? Well, you have to find a way out. You know the rules, you can't just leave that way. A bit of a puzzle, a bit of a fight, a bit of a strategy: what else can you do? That's the fun of it, isn't it? No one knows who put you here, so it doesn't matter much. The important thing is to survive. You need to get back

Evil has a new residence. And this time, the evil has no residence at all. It has spread all over the world. It has haunted the whole planet. It has made its home everywhere. It has no residence. It is everywhere and nowhere. It is all around us, in us, and within us. It is everywhere and nowhere. And its time has come. Because the end of the world is near. The time to fight is now. Because the end of the world is near. And

A group of friends goes to a secluded mountain cabin for the weekend to play scary games and film them. Little do they know that this weekend will be the residence of evil. As the night goes on, the friends start to show signs of lycanthropy. Will they be able to survive this weekend or will they meet their

How to play Residence of Evil

Controls W A S D or arrow keys to walk Left mouse button to shoot Right mouse button to aim Mouse wheel to change weapon G for grenades R to reload F to pick up an item Left shift to run Left Ctrl to crouch X to prone V to melee Space bar to jump

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