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Scary Granny: Basement Escape

Most of us have a secret fear about someone we know. Maybe it's your childhood babysitter who still visits occasionally, or your old college roommate whose neuroticism drove you crazy. Maybe it's just an Inadequate Granny Syndrome that affects everyone from time to time. Maybe you're just being overly sensitive when a friendly comment from your grandmother causes you to break out in goosebumps and cry yourself to sleep at but whatever the case may be; when the fear becomes too much and you can't shake it, there is only one thing for you to do: Get OUT! In this article we will explore some methods for getting out of various scary situations with minimal harm and maximum ease. For instance, many people use tricks like playing dead as a means of escaping dangerous situations that they wouldn’t be able to get themselves out of if they were fully conscious. Listed below are several granny-specific escape tricks that can help keep you sane while keeping those around you

For the first time ever, a young couple has booked an apartment to stay in for the night. The amenities are perfect and it is very cheap but what they don’t know is that their new home has a few secrets of its young couple is excited to move into their new home and start making memories. The only thing they are worried about is their small dog staying with them overnight. They think it won’t be a problem as long as they keep the dog locked up in one of the rooms. Little do they know that there is a granny living downstairs who isn’t too fond of canines or small children either… Sick of being lonely, she decides to book an overnight stay at an affordable price and be rid of her company once and for all. But what she doesn’t expect is to see who will show up at her doorstep tomorrow She might have been slow witted but she still knows how to take care of

When you’re a kid, you spend most of your time playing in the nice clean yard. Your parents keep the yard nicely trimmed and fully fenced so that you can play safely anytime of the day or night. There’s nothing so much fun than exploring the woods, lakes and fields close by. But when grownups aren’t looking, it may be a different story. Many kids have been scared silly by something they saw or played with while they were out of sight from their parents and guardians. These are some of the scariest things lurking outdoors that will give you nightmares for weeks to come if you see them at night or if your imagination gets going when no one is watching over you. Here are some of the top 10 outdoor activities that will give you nightmares once you grow

Have you ever experienced something weird in your house? Something that just doesn’t seem right? Maybe it was a strange noise, or a smell that just wasn’t pleasant. No matter what triggered it, you knew something wasn’t right. Something evil lurks in the depths of the house you call home. You know, if only you could get inside to find out exactly what lurks there… Enter the world of scary granny basement escape games! But be careful - it will not be an easy task! After all, this place is filled with all sorts of spooky supernatural mysteries and tricks. But don’t worry, if you are reading these lines now, then it means that you aren’t afraid to tackle them head on. Good for you! We here at The New Escape Games Series believe in challenging ourselves every once in a while and overcoming our fears to achieve our

Do you have a granny who lives with you? Are you looking for an interesting game to play with your granny? Do not worry, we have the right game for you. Today we will talk about Granny’s Basement Escape Game. This is one of the best and most challenging games that can be played with your granny. Even if she might not like it very much, she will definitely enjoy this new experience after reading so many scary stories about her. If she is still living with you, then she should know how to hide things from you and some other people in the house. It is always good to play these kind of games every now and then. It keeps you sharp and helps keep old memories at bay. Now, if your granny is scared of spiders or anything that crawls, this game might not be the best option for her. But if she likes playing these types of games then by all means let’s get

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