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Scary Granny is an online horror game where you take on the role of a kid who has just been locked in an old house with his evil grandmother. You need to find hidden objects, solve puzzles, and avoid the nasty traps that she has set for you. Will you escape her clutches or end up being locked away forever? Scary Granny is a creepy hidden object game with a twist. It’s full of jump scares, creepy noises and tense moments when you’re not sure if something will leap out at you from around the corner. Your goal is to find three hidden crows and then find your way out of the house before Granny catches on to what you’re doing. There are plenty of puzzles as well as eerie secret passages and terrifying booby traps to keep things interesting throughout this scary game – but only if you manage to get past the terrifying old lady

Scary Granny is a fun, creepy and spooky game for kids where you play as a masked robber breaking into an old lady’s house. You must find the hidden key to unlock her safe, whilst avoiding the old granny and her weirdo friends! It’s a fast-paced, action-adventure game with lots of twists. If you like scary games that are fun for kids, then you will love Scary Granny. It’s perfect for fans of games like Five Nights at Freddy’s or anything with a creepy old lady who has sinister masked intruders coming to her house! Get ready to creep yourself out playing this awesome horror

Scary Granny is the type of horror game that’ll have you looking over your shoulder for weeks to come. The game features a creepy old woman who stalks and traps kids, luring them into a hidden basement with candy stands and other ghoulish prizes littered about. You as the player must then sneak around her house to collect clues and find your way out, or risk being locked in forever. It’s a horror game that requires stealth, observation, speed, memory, and strategy. Are you ready to take on this challenge? Let’s see if you can beat Scary

Scary Granny is a 3D horror game that you can play on your mobile phone. In this game, you have to navigate the protagonist and avoid being caught by the old lady. Your goal is to escape from her house and leave the granny behind. If she catches you, she’ll give you nightmares for many nights to come! You have to be fast, cunning, and most importantly — stay calm! If you’re not afraid of ghosts and other supernatural entities, then download this scary game

Scary Granny is a popular and creepy horror game from Japan that you can play easily online. This is a classic style icky old lady ghost game with plenty of jump scares, creepy goings-on, and general spooky frights. You take on the role of an unsuspecting hotel guest staying in room 502 at the Hotel New

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Use Mouse To Play and Keyboard


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