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Scary Horror Teacher

In an abandoned school, there is a rumor that ghost teacher often appears at night and terrorizes students who trespass the premises after school hours. Therefore, whenever it gets dark, all students leave the school immediately. As soon as the last bell rings at school, you take advantage of the empty corridors and look for the secret laboratory where your friend said he saw a ghost once. Unfortunately, you get locked inside the school and now you have to find your way out before something terrible In this escape game you will need to solve a series of puzzles and find hidden clues in order to get access to new areas and finally escape from the School of Horror as fast as possible. Good

Are you ready to face your fears? In this scary horror game, you will play as a teacher who has been hired at an abandoned and haunted school in the middle of nowhere. You will have to use your wits and courage to escape before you become the permanent resident of this spooky place. Catch the ghosts and collect clues to solve the mystery and find out what happened here! There are many scary moments waiting for you so keep your cool and don’t let fear get the best of

Scary Horror Teacher is an exciting and scary 3D escape game. You are locked inside your school at night and you need to find the keys and escape before the creepy teacher finds you. This place is full of spooky and eerie things. You need to be very careful about them. There will be a lot of puzzles for you to solve and find the hidden clues to get the key and escape from here. Have fun playing this scary

If you’re a horror game lover, this game is just for you. There are so many scary games out there, but let me tell you that none of them are as scary as this one! You will surely lose your mind once you play it. If you dare to spend some time playing and exploring an abandoned school full of ghosts and other creepy creatures, this game is calling your name! The Abandoned School

Welcome to the Horror School, where you will learn everything about ghosts and horror. You are the new English teacher here, so make sure that your students don’t get bored or you might find yourself in a world of trouble! Luckily, you have some friends at this school who may be able to help you

How to play Scary Horror Teacher

Mouse and keybords

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