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Scary Teacher Ann 3D

When a new teacher shows up at your school, you’re not sure what to expect. Maybe she’ll be nice and let you borrow her pencils. Or maybe she’ll be a sadist who hides snakes in her desk. But no one could have imagined that Ms. Scary Teacher would arrive one day with a coffin in her car and a chainsaw under her desk. Now the students are revolting and only Ann, a depressed girl who likes to draw, can save them. Ann must make her way through the school, collecting the necessary items to blow up the coffin and escape. It’ll be a scary ride, but she has a chance at saving

It’s a common occurrence, especially during the months leading up to Halloween. Teachers across America, dress up as their favorite characters from movies and television shows. But what happens when that teacher is a little too scary? What if the students are too scared to turn off their lights and sit in the same room with the teacher? What if that teacher is actually a character from a movie? Scary Teachers Ann, or as we like to call her, Ann, has become a staple of the horror genre. Ann is one of the scariest characters in the history of film, and you won’t believe how many movies she’s appeared in. Let’s take a look at the many ways this woman has scared us over the

The students of St. Agatha's are back in session for another year of tireless studying and even more ruthless test taking. From early risers to the most sleepy of sloths, no one makes it through this school day unscathed. Well, almost no one. This time around, we're taking you inside the mind of one of the teachers. Meet Mrs. Ann, our third grade teacher who is so terrifying that one of her students must take on the persona of Mrs. Ann's evil alter-ego, "Scary Teacher

It’s the last day of school, and you’re spending it with your teacher. Or not. In this game, you play as a student and your task is to escape the house of your teacher, Ann. Ann is a little bit scary, so you have to act fast to find things you’ll need to get her out of your life. Look around, find the hidden items and objects, and use them to solve puzzles and get out of this house as soon as

A group of students plan a final prank on their failing history teacher, Ann, before the end of the semester. But their plan goes horribly awry. Now, it’s up to them to keep Ann’s spirit alive -- and teach her a final

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Controls WASD or arrow keys to walk Mouse to look Left mouse to run Space bar to throw

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