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Scary Village Escape

Scary villages are indeed scary! Especially for people who are claustrophobic. Wouldn’t it be scary to get locked inside one? The only way you can get out of there is by solving the puzzles and finding the hidden clues that will lead you to the exit. If you think your logical thinking skills are good, then this escape challenge is perfect for you. Otherwise, you need to hone them. Let’s see how fast and efficient you can solve these riddles and find your way out! Good luck and have

You and your friends were sent to investigate this abandoned village for signs of any evil presence. While you were exploring the village, you got separated from them. Now you need to find them quickly before it is too late! This place is spooky and there are so many creepy things here that might give you nightmares tonight. But worry not, as this is just a game! You can easily^ get

Let’s welcome the upcoming Halloween with this spooky escape game! You are trapped in an eerie village and you need to collect hidden objects, find useful items and solve puzzles to get out before you become the permanent resident. Spend your time wisely, because if you get stuck, you will have to start over again. Good

Scary village is a place where no one goes. A girl is stuck in this village and you need to help her to escape from that scary place as soon as possible. You will have limited time for escaping so solve the puzzles and find the hidden objects to get the girl out of there. Good luck and have

Scary Villagers Escape is another new point and click escape game from

How to play Scary Village Escape

Using Mouse

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