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Silent Asylum

Silent Asylum ! Once a peaceful retreat for patients with mental illnesses, this derelict sanatorium has recently been discovered to have become home to disturbed individuals who have taken up residence, hiding away from the rest of the world. There is no one left alive inside these walls, and those who have dared to enter seeking answers have not returned. It is your task to venture within and uncover the truth behind what happened at the This one. Are you ready? Don’t let fear stand in your way! Let’s begin your unforgettable journey through this spooky hospital Good luck and happy

In this game, you are trapped in a sanatorium and have to defend yourself against zombies. This amazing game is a 3D first-person horror shooter. Navigate the labyrinthine asylum as you uncover its nightmarish secrets. Armed with your pistol, you must shoot anything that moves and keep moving to avoid being caught and devoured by these wretched creatures. Running will be your best friend in this Good

In this game you play as a soldier who has to fight his way through a zombie-infested asylum. You have to eliminate all the zombies and find your way out of the locked building. The game is inspired by classical horror movies with lots of jump scares, creepy sounds and dense fog. But watch carefully and use your surroundings to spot the zombies before they see

This amazing game is a creepy 3D horror shooter where you have to explore an abandoned old asylum and eliminate the zombies that lurk in its creepy corridors. You will come across locked doors, puzzles, and terrifying enemies as you progress through the game. Your goal is to find the source of evil within this place and put an end to it once and for

Are you ready for another round of blood-curdling scares? If so, then step into the Silent Asylum. This creepy world is filled with terrifying characters and spine-chilling encounters. Your mission is to explore the spooky asylum, uncover its dark secrets, and put an end to its eerie

How to play Silent Asylum

Using Mouse

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