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Slenderclown Be Afraid Of IT

Are you looking for a game with thrilling horror and action adventure? Well, you have found the right place. This article is about Slenderclown Be Afraid Of It! – Shooting, Action, Adventurer, Horror, Clowns game. If you love indie games where you have to use your wit to survive till the end of the level then this is just the perfect game for you. The objective of the game is simple; you are a masked adventurer who must find and destroy all of the evil clowns that are lurking in different levels. Sounds easy right? Well, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The masked hero has limited visibility in each level with only his torchlight as a source of light. And he doesn’t shoot guns or arrows but uses an axe instead when he comes face-to-face with one of those pesky clowns because shooting them will only agitate them further making things harder for

Slenderclown is the new game where you have to kill the Slenderman. He is not this jovial and happy fellow with balloons and a funny hat. No! He has tentacles, eerie eyes, and a creepy smile. With so many fictional games about ghosts and witches, we had almost forgotten about the good old creepy clowns that used to scare kids half to death on children’s shows. Use your sniper rifle to shoot at the slender man who appears randomly in different locations around you. Keep moving as much as possible to dodge his unavoidable attacks. Look for his blueish aura so that you can track him easily; but be careful of traps left behind by

In this addictive and creepy game, you need to explore the scary forest and abandoned hospital to find clues for a missing person case. Be careful, there are many dangers around you. You need to avoid terrifying clowns, strange noises and other weird things in the woods. Watch out for their attacks and keep an eye on your stamina. If it runs out, you will get caught by them immediately. There are three challenging levels waiting for you with new challenges and more terrifying creatures every time. Are you ready to face the Slenderclown? Let’s

Slenderclown is a scary game that will keep you on your toes at all times. He is a creepy and sinister clown who lurks in the dark, waiting to strike. If you are afraid of creepy clowns this game won’t put your mind at ease - on the contrary, it will make you even more uncomfortable! You see, the balance between fear and horror is very delicate – and with this game it’s tipped towards the wrong side! Prepare yourself for some spine-chilling moments and beware of the

With the recent outbreak of terrifying clown attacks across the world, it’s time to take action against these masked maniacs. This new SlenderClown game challenges you as an action adventurer to shoot, sneak, and explore your way through a creepy abandoned circus. But beware, there’s a cannibalistic killer lurking in this twisted labyrinth… Get ready for fear and

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Using Mouse

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