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Sniper D City Apocalypse

The world has become a cesspool of filth and scum. Mankind has no honor, only greed and depravity. We have lost our way and are now ruled by the lowest of the low. The scums who prey on their fellows for their own gain. They have created a society where wealth and privilege are reserved for those with the most money or family name. They pretend to be civilized but all they have is sickening pretense. Power is corrupting and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The upper classes now live in secluded enclaves with security measures to keep them safe from others like themselves, to prevent them from revolting against their overlords, or even falling victim to a less privileged individual just outside their This new era we call "The Great Reset" has caused a change in how society operates as well as what defines an individual within it. People no longer truly belong to a nation or tribe, they belong to one another - an isolated community where they must look out for one another first before looking out for anyone It's time we took back our streets once

Sniper City Apocalypse is a game in which you will experience the real feelings of an anti-zombie Sniper. Shooting zombies and humans which are crawling on the streets under the threat of the zombie apocalypse, is not as easy as it seems. The zombies are becoming smarter day by day and they are practically spreading their virus so that any human that comes into contact with them gets infected. You have to be a very good sniper to be able to shoot the zombies from such a great distance, but if you miss even once then your target might end up being someone else’s friend. The zombies prey on humans and multiply in huge numbers at night time. They can also sense our presence from far away so they will come running towards us faster than we can run away from them. The only solution left for us is to take up arms against them, or lock ourselves inside safe houses until they all die off

Do you like playing Sniper Games?? Then you will love this one! Here you have a new awesome game to play. You are an elite sniper and your target is the city of D City. No one knows when the Apocalypse will strike but when it does, it’ll be the end of all mankind. As the last line of defense against the undead, you must prepare your men, build an impenetrable safe zone and train capable marksmen to wipe out every zombie in D City before they breach safe zone boundaries. But watch out for traps along your journey as well; not everything is what it seems and some people might even use those traps as a means to kill others rather than protect others from harm. Prepare yourself for D City Apocalypse – Sniping Game! Can you survive until the

Suicidal maniacs known as Z-Osa have become an epidemic and are destroying everything in their path. You, an elite sniper, are the only one who can end them once and for all. As you make your way from point A to point B, you will see that the world has been changed. Cars have been abandoned, towns deserted, and animals frightened at your approach. But this is not the end of humanity; it's just beginning again. Gamers need to use their wits more than ever before because in Sniper D City Apocalypse every level requires strategy and observation skills if players want to survive long enough to reach the next

Sniper City Apocalypse game is a multiplayer online first person shooter game with great graphic and realistic environment. You will be the real sniper playing in an apocalypse city full of zombies and other dangerous creatures. Your mission will be to eliminate all dangerous targets and save your city from destruction. To win this game, you have to use your sniper like a pro and perform multiple shoots in a row to get more points. So, enjoy the gameplay! How to

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Using Mouse

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