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Swat vs Zombies

Swat vs Zombies is the action packed first person shooter with a twist. You gun down zombies, instead of humans! You can now play this awesome game on your

Are you ready to fight against the zombie apocalypse? Swat vs Zombies is a fast-paced action game with amazing graphics and animations. The game features single player campaign mode and survival challenge. If you like to play zombie games, this action game is for you. Do you think that it’s easy to kill zombies? Prove it! Let’s see how many of them you can take down before they eat your brains! Features: - Amazing graphics and animations - Single player campaign mode and survival challenge - Different guns with different bullets - Different types of zombies with their own special abilities This awesome HTML5 game can be played on desktop, or mobile; both laptop or tablet. You can also download this game. Good luck and have

Have courage, or be scared forever! Fighting in the world of Zombies – either you join them or fight against them. So don’t hesitate and pick up your weapon to defend yourself against the horde of zombies. As a member of SWAT team, you must eliminate all monsters who invaded the city and take back control. This is a HTML5 game with advanced graphics and awesome gameplay. Moreover, it’s easy to operate, but challenging enough to keep you coming back for more! So what are you waiting for? Join this epic battle

Swat Vs Zombies is a fast paced, action packed, shooter game. It’s objective is to defend the house against zombies and last as long as possible! With this game you can now live your dream of being a SWAT team member and shooting zombies right in front of you! This is an awesome opportunity for you to test your skills as a zombie shooter and see if you have what it takes to defend the house against those flesh eating

Swat vs Zombies is a fast-paced shoot ‘em up action game. You play as a police officer and your mission is to eliminate all zombies before they take over the world. This shooting game has an exciting story, great graphics, and challenging levels. To win this game, you need to be extremely focused and use your mouse to shoot as many zombies as possible. Let’s explore the details of this arcade

How to play Swat vs Zombies

Instruction PC controls: Move – W,A,S,D & Arrow keys. Shoot – Spacebar. Recharge – R.

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