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The Baby In Yellow Game

If you are a parent, or you have been around babies, you know that yellow is their favorite color. It is the brightest color for them to look at and it also stimulates the brain, which is why we often see babies in yellow clothing. This baby in yellow game will test your logic skills and challenge you to think of different solutions to different puzzles. You will have to use your mouse and keep clicking on objects until you find the ones that can help this little boy get dressed and go out. With so many things in his room, it might seem hard at first but we assure you it’s not as challenging as it

Do you love to play games? If yes, then you must be a big fan of puzzles too. These games test your logical thinking and can be challenging at times. In this game, you get to take care of a baby who is wearing yellow clothes. This cute baby needs your help to stay happy by dressing her up every day. There are different outfits available in the game. Choose from the given options and dress up the baby in yellow! This game requires you to use your logical thinking skills and quick response time. Challenge yourself and see how many levels you can

Build a happy home for the baby! Create a beautiful and cozy house for the little one. A new day has come and you are ready to welcome your new house guest! Let’s explore how we can finalize this room just perfectly by playing our very own Baby in Yellow game! The cutest virtual character needs your help to find the perfect place to live. With this game, you can assist him and make his life as pleasant as possible. He is waiting for you to show him around, so let’s begin with the first step. There are lots of things that need to be

Baby in yellow is a html5 game. This game is packed with multiple puzzles and you need to find the boy hidden in different locations of the house. You will get some hints but there are tricky situations where you can’t find him. The boy is in danger, find him and save him from the

Are you ready to take care of a little baby? In the new HTML5 game The Baby In Yellow, you play as a nanny who needs to take care of a baby in yellow. Sounds interesting? Let’s see how far can you

How to play The Baby In Yellow Game

Using Mouse and keyboard

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