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The Wisp

The Wisp is an arcade game developed by Matt Makes Games and published by Adult Swim Games in which the player controls a ball-shaped creature known as the Wisp, who must help other spirits to escape an ancient island prison. The objective of this game is simple: you have to help spirits to reach the exit. The ball-like spirit will bounce from one level to another, trying to reach the exit door and escaping from the prison. You will have to help several spirits of different kinds, and that is where things get tricky. They can be the spirits of someone you know or someone you don’t The only thing that matters is that they are trapped in this place and need your

In this game you have to help the Wisp to get in touch with its other self and save it before it loses its life or gets trapped forever. That’s all we know about this dark and mysterious creature, but luckily there is a good wisp. Jump up and down as high as possible with the Wisp to reach new heights at every level. Collect all stars in each level to unlock new levels and characters. If you like playing games then you will love this one! You can play this game for free online and also find another versions of it called other games of similar themes or genres, such as Jumping Games or Adventure Games. Keep playing our games, we update daily new free games

This is This amazing game, an adventure/arcade game that will test your skills as a jumper. Jump from platform to platform and avoid obstacles as you rescue the Wisp in each of its five worlds. Time is running out and the Wisp is soon to be captured forever by the evil witch! Grab your shoes and start running towards freedom now! This amazing game is a game based around exploration, with new areas opening up at random intervals and challenging new jump puzzles being added regularly. There’s no level progression or unlockable features - it’s a complete experience from start to

In This game, you play as a young girl in the enchanted forest of Danetri. While exploring the woods, you discover a magical ball, which takes you on an adventure to recover -Jump, climb and explore the forest –Many fun and tricky obstacles await you -Help your little friend find her ball - Beautiful hand-drawn graphics - Simple one-touch controls -Endless gameplay with no limit to

The Wisp is an indie adventure game that has you jumping, hopping and dodging enemies in order to reach the top of a sinister mountain. This one is a fantastic platformer which offers a lot of difficulty spikes and some challenging boss

How to play The Wisp

Using Mouse

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