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Trapped In Hell: Murder House

Trapped in hell is a horror first-person shooter game. You are trapped in hell and you need to find your way out. Your goal is to find the exit of each level while avoiding demons, finding hidden secrets, and shooting anything that moves. The game features dark and scary graphics and requires a VR headset to

Trapped in Hell is a first person shooter game with horror elements. The game takes place in a monster-filled mansion, where you, as the main character, must find your way out. There are lots of weapons and items to help you escape from this nightmare. You will have to fight against different types of monsters and use traps to stay safe and kill them before they kill you. Stay alert, explore all nooks and crannies, collect clues, shoot fast and be smart to

Trapped In hell is an escape game that takes place in a murder house filled with evil monsters and ghouls. You are locked inside the house and need to find clues and solve puzzles to get out of there. It’s a challenging game with lots of riddles, so make sure you read everything carefully. Good

Escape from the haunted house and shoot the monsters! Trapped in Hell is a first person shooter game with a horror-twist. You have been locked away in an abandoned mansion after going there with your friends for a night of exploration. There must have been something you triggered that locked you inside. The further you explore, the more locked you become. Monsters lurk everywhere, so shoot them as fast as you

Trapped In Hell is a game with a dark and spooky theme. Let’s see if you have the nerves to play it! You have been trapped in hell, and your objective is to escape from there and get back home to your family. But that’s not going to be easy because you will face many dangers along the way. You will have to avoid monsters, shoot them, find new weapons and so Get ready! This won’t be an easy task! Are you ready? Let’s

How to play Trapped In Hell: Murder House

Controls Escape Controls: WASD = move Mouse = look around F = interact, hide and use item G = drop item T = unhide C = crouch Space = jump Shift = run Esc = pause Shooter Controls: WASD = move Mouse = look around Left-click = fire Right-click = aim Mouse wheel = change weapons G = grenades R = reload F = interact, pick-up items Shift = run C = crouch X = prone V = melee Space = jump Esc = pause

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