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In a world filled with monsters and evil, one man stands against them - the Devil. Join the hero at his side as they fight to save humanity from an endless night. The Devil is a 3D action game with adventure elements. It has non-linear gameplay, and it's full of hidden secrets and new characters that you'll come across along your journey. Explore a variety of locations and solve puzzles to find artifacts needed to defeat the Devil once and for

In this game you find yourself in a small town with just few people living there. One fine day you go exploring the forests to discover new things and see other beautiful sights. After walking for some time, you eventually stumble upon a small cottage. You decide to check if anyone’s home because it’s not often that someone is out in the middle of nowhere. That person happens to be you. Now it’s your job to escape from this quaint cottage as soon as possible. There are various objects and clues that will help us achieve our goal of getting out of here as quickly and safely as

This game is an action game in which you will play the role of a little devil. The only thing that scares a devil, that's right, humans! In this game you will have to escape from hell by finding the key that opens it and giving it to St. Peter, who has been waiting for your arrival. Note: You might end up in hell if you are not careful. Good

The Shadowlands is a place of darkness, death and pain. A realm where the dead wander for eternity, trapped in the hell known as the Shadowlands. There’s no escape from this dimension, nor any means to return home. The only way out is through death. The Shadowlands is a three dimensional world where each player has their own private map. In order to survive here you must search for secret passageways and hidden items that will allow you to move around in the game more freely. You must also try to avoid being killed by other players or creatures that roam the game world. If you see something suspicious take caution and back away slowly because that could be a trap waiting for you or an enemy trying to eliminate you before they can make it back into the real world

In a creepy house full of ghosts and death, you must escape from this place. Use your logical thinking and sense of danger to get out of here alive! How long can you last in this spooky escape game? Being trapped in this scary house for so many years must have driven you insane. The noises here are driving you crazy as well, leaving you with absolutely no other option than to escape from here. Luckily, you have a good head on your shoulders and can see clearly which doors might lead to safety. So let’s begin by walking through the first door we

How to play Ultracraze

Using Mouse

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