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While We Sleep: Slendrina Is Here

After the horrible events that took place in Slenderyville, you started to suspect something was wrong. There were those that escaped, who knew the truth and who didn’t. You decided to investigate. You started to ask questions, to get to the bottom of this. You heard rumblings of a new, or maybe even an old monster coming to get you. You’ve heard so many things, but you were all caught up in your own little world. After the recent, and seemingly never ending catastrophe, the people of the small, sleepy town of Slenderyville decided to quarantine themselves. They built a wall around their homes, locked themselves inside and hoped that they would be fine. They were

You awake in a locked room with no memory of how you got there or why. All you know is that there are monsters outside, and they will not stop coming for you. You must escape the room and find answers. But how? "You must find the key," they told you. Brilliant. A key would solve everything. Except that you don’t know where the key is, or how to get out. You might be too late, though. The monsters are already here. They’ll keep coming for you until you give in, until you die. Or, barring that…until you

You have been locked in a room. You have to escape by finding clues, solving puzzles and fighting the evil creature that is trying to kill you. You are in a room alone with a computer and a webcam. The creature is trying to get to you through the webcam so it can slash your throat while you sleep. The only way to keep the creature away from you is to keep it awake. The creature is after your soul so once you are dead all you have left is a shell of your former self. You have 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles, and fight the creature. Make sure you don’t wake the creature or it will try to get to you through the webcam again. You have to stay alive long enough to escape. Good Luck! This is the first episode of the Slendrina series. More episodes are coming soon. The game is played from a first person perspective. You must find clues, solve puzzles and fight back the evil that is trying to get to you through the webcam while you sleep. You have to find ways to keep the creature awake while you attempt to escape. The game has many endings based on how well you do. Good luck and have

You find yourself in an empty house. There is no one else there. It is just you, the house and the darkness. You try to escape, but you are locked in. You don’t know why, or how you got there. All you know is that you have to

You are trapped in a house, a house which is full of horrors. You are alone so you have to find a way to escape that house as soon as possible. But you have to be very careful. For every step you take, there is a chance that you may take a wrong step and fall into the trap. There are many traps inside the house, you have to be alert at all times. So, stay as far away from the traps as possible and try to solve the riddles to advance through the house. If you take even a single step into one of those traps, you will surely die. So, try to figure out how to solve the puzzles and riddles to escape the house as soon as possible. This is an escape game which will surely keep you hooked for hours. Good

How to play While We Sleep: Slendrina Is Here

You have a lead pipe, Colt45, and Shotgun to use to keep you safe while travelling through the night. You need to find 6 keys that are dotted around the map first. Find each one before taking on Slendrina! IF you love horror games then check out Slendrina Must Die: The Forest and Slenderman Must Die: Silent Streets. Release Date August 2018 Developer Poison Games made While We Sleep: Slendrina Is Here. Features Three weapon options: lead pipe, Colt45, and Shotgun Awesome 3D graphics Intuitive controls that are easy to pick up and play A big map with lots of horror and actions Jumpscares and scary sounds Dark environment Platform While We Sleep: Slendrina Is Here is a web browser game. We also have the Android app. Controls WASD or arrow keys to walk around Mouse to look around Left mouse button to fire Right mouse button to aim Mouse wheel to change weapons R to reload F to pick up items Left shift to run Left Ctrl to crouch X to prone Space bar to jump

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