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Window: Horror Game

You arrive in a new city, excited to see an old friend and explore the area. Unfortunately, you catch a bad case of déjà vu when you arrive at your friend's house. The house looks exactly the same as the one you stayed in during the school holidays. When you ring the doorbell, your friend's mother greets you at the door. She's also an old woman now. Something about this place feels totally wrong. There's something else you notice right away: this place is a mansion filled with antique furniture, creepy paintings, and eccentric inventions. You spend the night hiding in the laundry room, too afraid to go up to your room. You have the sneaking suspicion that this house is hiding a terrible

It’s a dark and stormy night, and you’re stuck inside. The lights won’t turn on, no matter how hard you press the switch. You hear a noise. You turn around. There’s a scary face at the window. And then the face disappears, and something else is there. Something that shouldn’t be. Something that’s going to scare the living daylight out of you. It’s the game of Hide and Seek with special guests: a murderer, a maniac, a kidnapper, and an ax murderer. Oh, and did we mention the ghost? They’re all here at the same time, and they’re looking for you. If they can’t play, neither can you. Welcome to the horror game, where you are the horror. Welcome to the webGL horror game, where you have just one life, and it’s a ticking time bomb. Welcome to Hide and Scare: a horror point-and-click

A simple game should be fun, right? That’s what the developers of this website claim. But it’s not as easy as it seems. Once you start playing this game, it will suck you in and you’ll have a difficult time stopping. It’s called the 3D WebGL Arcade Horror Game, and it’s based on the “prank” themes that have recently become popular on the internet. The developer of this game claims that it’s not a prank, but a game. But is it? There are no instructions nor help files, so you’ll have to figure it out on your own. You can play this game on your tablet or phone, or on your computer if you have the appropriate software. Back to the game, the premise is actually quite simple, the player has to find their way out of a house. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. It’s one of the most difficult games you’ll ever play in your entire life. You see, the developers of this game have set very high standards for the player. The player has to complete eight difficult rooms, each one progressively more scary than the last, before reaching the final room. Sounds easy? Well, you’ve got at least one more difficult room to go. Could you survive the 3D WebGL Arcade Horror Game? Play it here,

When you play a 3D horror game it’s natural to assume you’ll be facing a scary and thrilling experience. But sometimes, it’s not the case. Especially when you’re confronted with one of these 3D horror game nightmares. These are the types of horror games where you have no idea what’s going on and what’s real and what’s not, and whether you can trust your senses or not. So, if you’re looking to play something that’ll give you the creeps, keep reading to know about the 13 most terrifying 3D horror games you can play on your

A virtual reality horror game. You are trapped in a virtual reality world by a madman. You have to find a way to escape from this terrifying place! The game will test your survival instincts. Can you find your way

How to play Window: Horror Game

Controls Left-click to choose the windows.

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