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Zombie Mayhem Online

ZOMBIE MAYHEM ONLINE -- An intense shooter game full of blood-thirsty zombies, gun-toting maniacs, and panic-stricken victims caught in the crossfire. Are you ready to enter the world of Zombie Mayhem Online? Follow the instructions below to install this game on your

In the end of the world, everyone is a potential enemy. That’s why you need to be ready for anything. When every new stranger could be an undead, you have to keep your eyes open at all times and watch your back constantly. With so many hidden dangers lurking around every corner, it’s nearly impossible to stay safe and sound. Are you up for this challenge? Test your shooting skills in this first-person shooter and blast those bloodthirsty zombies before they get to

Zombie Mayhem is an online shooter game where everyone plays as a zombie. Your goal is to infect other players and turn them into your kind. Do you have what it takes to be the alpha zombie? This first person shooter has a unique horror-themed setting, which makes the gameplay even more exciting. You’ll need to strategically target human players and avoid those who are stronger than you. If you love shooting games, then this is the right one for

Are you brave enough to play the most terrifying, bloody and creepy first person shooter? If so, you should check out this amazing new 3D FPS game with plenty of scary zombies! Get ready for the most intense action you will ever experience! Zombie Mayhem Online is a brand new browser-based first person shooter that is basically like the famous game “Zombie Panic” but with a dark and disturbing horror theme. Prepare yourself for loads of gory action, deserted labs full of experiments gone wrong and terrifying zombies trying to get into your safe house. You need to defend it at all costs. Good

Do you like to be scared? Are you afraid of zombies? If so, this game is for you! In Zombie Mayhem Online, you will have the opportunity to shoot as many bloodthirsty zombies as you can. You have 20 shots and 5 lives – don’t waste them! Be fast and attentive to not let the hungry undead eat your brains. At first sight it may seem that this is just another simple shooter - but this game has something special. Try it out right now, it’s

How to play Zombie Mayhem Online

Controls WASD = walk around Mouse = look around Left-click = shoot Right-click = use iron sight Mouse Wheel / 1-7 = change weapons G = grenades R = reload F = pickup items Left-Shift = run Left-Ctrl = crouch X = prone Space = jump

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